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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm New to Astrology

Question: "I am kind of new to astrology. Where do I start?"

Answer: welcome! You are not alone. There are more and more people becoming interested in astrology and other spiritual and esoteric topics. Astrology takes some study, but you too can understand your natal chart and its basic interpretation. 

Once you do that, you may be able to interpret the chart of family and friends. How cool is that?

What Tarot deck do you use for your readings?

Answer: I use the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot deck. 

Whether you are looking for guidance in everyday matters such as love or money, or spiritual growth, I use the Egyptian Tarot originated by the Church of Light. It provides deep insight as it relates to your soul's mission and purpose.

Hermetic belief indicates that astrology is the gold key and the tarot is the silver key. The Brotherhood of Light deck is aligned with the numerology and symbols of the Brotherhood of Light lesson, Book 6; The Sacred Tarot. 

For any Legacy clients that enjoy the Rider-Waite deck, I will be happy to accommodate your request! 

What type of astrology do you practice?

I use the system of hermetic astrology under the aegis of the Church of Light and its founder, Elbert Benjamine (aka  C. C. Zain). It's a beautiful tradition that uses a systematic way to interpret the birth chart.  I use ancient practices, contemporary mathematics, and active research. 

The hermetic system uses standard astrology (twelve signs, ten planets, MC and ASC, twelve houses, and ten aspects) and the Placidus house system. We do not use the nodes of the moon, the part of fortune, fixed stars, midpoints, etc. Hermetic astrology elegantly presents trusted and verifiable results when there is an accurate date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.

What are Astrodynes?

When you have any type of reading with me, you will receive a report with Astrodynes. It is a set of mathematical statistics that measure the power, harmony, and disharmony in the chart. 

It amazes my clients because it gets right to the heart of your soul, and identifies your character and dominant thought patterns up until the time you were born. ​

Sometimes these are called "Cosmodynes."